Below are just some of the testimonials from our happy customers who we have supplied replacement wigs and hairpieces too.

I have personally experienced the trauma of chemotherapy and losing my hair. These girls were fantastic with their expert advice, compassion and understanding of what I was going through. I highly recommend anyone who needs or would like a wig to go to The Maneplace. The room looks beautiful and I know anyone who visits there will agree with me. Good luck girls.x
Julie Howard

I would highly recommend Maria ! She was so helpful when my mum needed a wig! Very kind and considerate and found a lovely wig that suited my mum, it was the right colour & style. Restored a lot of confidence. Thank you! Xx
Kerri Chapman

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was emotional and nervous thinking how dreadful a wig would look on me, so I took my two daughters along for moral support. I should not have worried, I was met by a warm, smiling Katie who was sweet to my girls and spent a long time matching my hair colour to a wig similar to my present style. Katie then cut the wig on my head to exactly the same style as my hair. When I lost my hair although devastating my friends had no idea it was a wig. I thoroughly recommend going to see Katie or Maria in their nice private room at the back of their salon. Thank you girls for looking after me and continuing to do so now my hair has grown back. xx
Claire Tillbrook

I have recurring alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss and baldness. I have been in Maria's safe hands for five years now and during that time her expertise and advice both on styling and wigs has done much to restore my self confidence. She and Katie, the proprietors, have worked hard to create a relaxing environment where clients can discuss their problems in confidence and I would highly recommend them to anyone with a hair loss problem.